Dentures in Michigan City, IN

Complete Dentures

Losing all of your teeth poses a number of challenges. From being able to eat a varying diet to feeling confident about your appearance, you probably have a number of valid concerns. We are here to help.

At the office of Dr. Douglas Weber, DDS, our dentists, Dr. Doug Weber and Dr. David Weber, are committed to creating comfortable, attractive dentures that support the health and appearance of our patients.

Achieving a Good Fit

If your dentures do not fit properly, you will likely encounter a number of problems such as:

  • Denture sores – Denture sores hurt and may cause you to have to remove your dentures. This limits the foods you can eat as well as how you speak and smile. Severe denture sores can lead to ulcerations that are difficult to heal.
  • Adhesives – Gooey adhesives are inconvenient and can ruin the taste of your food. Prolonged use of denture adhesives can lead to zinc toxicity in addition to providing only temporary relief from a bigger problem.
  • Loose dentures – Loose dentures can cause embarrassing moments when they come loose while you are eating or talking. You might feel restricted because no one wants their dentures to be a source of self-consciousness.
  • Function – The main purpose of dentures is to allow you to chew and eat properly. When they don’t stay put, you have to eat a softer, restricted diet, putting your overall health at risk.

Attractive Natural-Looking Dentures in Michigan City

You probably remember your parents’ or grandparents’ dentures and how they looked big, boxy, and fake. You will be happy to know that dentures have progressed a long way in fit as well as in appearance. Dentures today are more natural and realistic than ever. We choose denture teeth that match your facial structure so that you look like you were born with them.

In most cases, your dentures will have a pink, gum-colored base so that when you smile you can feel confident about your appearance. We will discuss the appearance of your dentures with you at your consultation so that you feel satisfied with your smile.

Implant-Retained Dentures

In many cases, we can help secure your dentures with several strategically placed dental implants. This allows your dentures to lock in and stay where they belong while you go about your business. Implants also provide the added benefit of helping retain your bone structure and preventing further deterioration of your bone. That is good for your health and for your appearance.

Call Us for an Evaluation

Do you have dentures that fit poorly? Are you facing the decision to get dentures for the very first time? Allow us to help you make the decisions that will affect your health, your appearance, and your future. We can discuss all of your options with you so that you can make a decision you feel comfortable with. Call our Michigan City, IN dental office today to schedule an evaluation with our friendly and caring dental team.