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2016 Readers’ Choice Award

We are proud to have been chosen for the 2016 News Dispatch Readers Choice Award for two consecutive years. We feel honored that we are trusted by so many of our community.

Dr. David Weber Participates in Implant Seminar

Dr. David Weber of Weber Family Dentistry has recently completed the Implant Seminars live patient course with renowned dental surgeon Dr. Arun Garg. Dr. Weber  traveled to Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic for three days of advanced implant surgeries.

As part of Dr. Weber’s pursuit of excellence through continued education  he performed advanced bone grafting techniques and placed over  30  implants in three days.   He was part of a team of 30 dentists who treated 300 patients.   This work was done at Dr. Garg’s charitable surgical clinic where over 200  patients smiles are restored free of charge  each month.


Thank you for voting Weber Family Dentistry the number one dentist in the News Dispatch readers choice award.


Dr. David Weber recently completed Implant Seminars Continuum, a continuing education course in dental implantology spanning four months. It is taught by world- renowned researcher and educator, Dr. Arun Garg. The course consists of hands-on and lecture education covering the biology of osseointegration, bone graft materials, suturing, soft tissue management, and the prevention of complications. Upon completion of the course, Dr. Weber was awarded 88 hours of continuing education credits and membership into the International Dental Implant Association.


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